Top of the World


I am always amazed by the capacity of Nature for renewal.  The Everglades register the passing of seasons in a very gentle way.  For example during the cold and dry winter time in Florida, when the sky is so blue some of the trees completely lose their leaves showing us the graceful branches that will be covered in new green leaves and flowers during the spring and rainy summer .

Outside the city I found this tree, all by itself in a vast clearing with the small bird on top keeping an eye on his domain. Can you spot it?

As I continue to walk around taking pictures from different angles, the bird did not move (you can see him better here).  Note the intense blue of the sky in Fig 2

In the next picture we can see all the broken branches and of course this does not show the tree at its best  Fig 3

And finally I got my best shot of the tree here.

Next you will see the result of my time with the tree and its king, the little bird at the top on this cool and quiet February morning at the West Everglades near Naples.