One Subject – Janhendrik Dolsma


There are some professional painters that keep a blog about their work, their inspiration, and techniques and I really enjoy their views on their own art.

One of them is Janhendrik Dolsma from Groningen, Netherlands.  His subjects are the skies, beach, dunes and sea, both from real places or from manipulation of reality mixed with imagination.  He explores all the possibilities and every realistic painting is unique, as the variations of the elements.

In one of his blogs he shared how the small details in the painting translate on the general effect or the total view on the big pieces he presents in exhibitions.

Here is the link to his Blog from October 2015 Details, followed by the pictures he used to illustrate the point.

Perhaps you would like to go directly to his YouTube channel and watch this video published on November 18, 2015 with more examples on this subject.