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Grey Diffused Light in Nature

Sometimes we are attracted to blue skies, bright colors that remind us of the outdoors during the happy times of summer. But there is also beauty in the grey diffused light after a storm or very early in the morning when there is a lot of humidity in the air. Some of the elements in […]

Graceful Trees of the Everglades

  After hurricane Irma, there was some damage to the trees in the Everglades.  But the recovery has been happening fast.  Looking at different areas, we can “see” how the winds were blowing and their strength because of the path they left behind. I notice that a lot of the trees were protected from damage […]

One Subject – Janhendrik Dolsma

There are some professional painters that keep a blog about their work, their inspiration, and techniques and I really enjoy their views on their own art. One of them is Janhendrik Dolsma from Groningen, Netherlands.  His subjects are the skies, beach, dunes and sea, both from real places or from manipulation of reality mixed with […]

Naples Pier

One of the most visited places in Naples, Fl. is the downtown pier.  You can see people from all over the world; listen to a lot of different languages and accents, everybody waiting for the sunset, ready to take pictures. The colors are so intense! (Fig 1) It is very relaxing to see the birds going […]

Reflected light – Summer Evening

Sometimes we encounter a view of Nature that makes us wonder about the science behind it, what is the law that governs the phenomenon. For instance, the explanation for anticrepuscular rays, in Wikipedia, allowed me to understand better the beauty of sunsets.  You will find the link at the end of the blog. In this […]

Documenting the process

When I was painting only on commission I took pictures at different stages of the creative process just to give myself time to analyze some aspects to make sure I was going on the right direction. This has been very useful in unexpected ways. When selling on line, the customer does not have the advantage […]

Different Sources – Yellow Flowers

In the last blog I shared the inspiration for the painting “King of the World”. Just one subject, different photographs. Today is about different sources that come together in one painting. On my frequent walks and small trips outside town, looking for inspiration, some things call my attention: for example, the wind moving these yellow […]

Top of the World

I am always amazed by the capacity of Nature for renewal.  The Everglades register the passing of seasons in a very gentle way.  For example during the cold and dry winter time in Florida, when the sky is so blue some of the trees completely lose their leaves showing us the graceful branches that will […]

Let’s start with “Water Sisters”

How I went from here: To here: Analyzing the picture, I liked the colors. The contrast with the shadows was not too heavy. It transmits a sense of freshness in the atmosphere that I liked. At this point, I was thinking on painting the whole scene with the reflections in the canal. Focusing in its […]

Dear Friends

Six years ago, traveling frequently from Miami to Naples, I was in awe of the Everglades, the beautiful open spaces, the horizon almost without limits and the exuberant life all around. Now living in Naples, I have discovered so much more than the open spaces: the pretty inhabitants in close view. Starting today, I would […]