Artist Painter

Luza Guzman

Born in Cali, Colombia, city filled with sunlight and cool breezes from the mountains that start blowing at 3 pm. All those colors playing with the shadows on the grass, for our enjoyment.

I always have had an acute perception of colors, smells and sounds that define my surroundings, so I can recall moments in my life easily.
Now living in Naples Florida, I felt in love with the Everglades. The vast open spaces really took my heart; the canals where the alligators sunbathe, the birds that rest in the shadows or dry their wings in the late afternoon, captivated my imagination.

So now is my time to investigate those images of life and try to transfer them to canvas using acrylics, after taking pictures, making sketches, and using my memory to go back into the sun feeling the wind, trying to convey the light that bathed the scenery at that moment.

So, the journey begins…..